Structural & Civil Engineering in Guernsey since 1990


Advanced Engineering Solutions

As buildings are developing into ever more-complex structures, the role of the engineer in the construction process has never been more diverse, thereby increasing their value to the team. In recognition of this, Babbé McCathie offer an increased range of services that are able to cater for the most-demanding of construction projects.

Structural Design Solutions

This covers all the essential engineering services required with the superstructure of a new building, including frame and suspended slabs, roof design, integration of combined services and structural alterations.

Civil Design Solutions

As with the Structural Design Solutions, but concerned with foundations, and infrastructure works associated with a construction project.

Structural Surveys and Reports

Professional advice and support offered to assist with the decisions and ongoing management of structural issues associated with an existing structure. This service is being used more often by potential homeowners, investors, developers, and insurance company/brokers.

Consultancy and Guidance

Babbé McCathie are able to assist Clients with their compliance under certain regimes for a third-party opinion on matters surrounding the development of construction work. Some examples of this service include; ensuring compliance with Building Control requirements, independent checking of structural calculations, support of a funders’ requirement to monitor the performance of design and build contractor.

Project Management

A service primarily suited to those projects with the main requirement focusing on civil or structural engineering design. From inception to completion Babbé McCathie are able to guide Clients through every stage in the delivery of the construction process.

Expert Witness & Dispute Resolution

Advice and guidance can be provided by Babbé McCathie to Clients at all stages in construction disputes concerning civil and structural engineering design. Whether you require an alternative qualified opinion on a present dispute to assist you with your future decision-making process; or require an expert witness in connection with an ongoing dispute; Babbé McCathie are able to cater for your requirements.