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Rocquettes Cider Farm Tour

  • Rocquettes Cider Farm Tour

October 2017

Apples, autumn sunshine and all the team together – Babbé McCathie’s staff outing 2017

Babbéé McCathie and Sister Company T&G met up in Guernsey recently for a tranquil timeout. Staff, from both Island companies, came together to enjoy a fantastic day out at the local Rocquettes Cider Farm.

We were so lucky to have perfect weather with warm autumn sunshine. It turned out to be a valuable day to put aside the computer design software for a while and just enjoy each other’s company and re-connect in peaceful Guernsey countryside.

The guided walks are a corporate dream for anybody needing to organise an event and every member of the team came away happy. The views were fantastic and the walk around the orchard was bliss. The team lingered over a Rocquettes Cider Farm product tasting which included cider but some surprises like the local chutneys.

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