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Meet the team - Johnny Moffett

  • Meet the team - Johnny Moffett

August 2017

Babbé McCathie are introducing our ever growing team and we thought it about time we introduced another member; this time we wanted to introduce an old hand and instantly recognisable character.

Johnny Moffett is our operations director, he’s a great character and well respected in the engineering field.

Johnny has been with the T&G Group of Companies for seven years and a director of Babbé McCathie since its inception in 2014. Johnny hasn’t really got a ‘to do’ list because he would rather be ‘doing’ than making a list about doing. He enjoys the challenge of resolving clients build concerns and when he’s not working hard solving complex engineering issues or making sure the 3D Revit Modelling suite is office ready, you can find spending time watching his favourite sport of rugby. A keen supporter of the game Johnny says if he could be famous for anything he would like it to be for playing Rugby for Ireland.

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