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Meet the Team - Ian Bashforth

  • Meet the Team - Ian Bashforth

June 2017

With Babbé McCathie growing ever stronger we thought it about time we introduced the team; and while we believe it important that professional credentials are well publicised on our website, we wanted to introduce the people behind all that expertise.

Our first profile is for Ian Bashforth, one of our directors based in Jersey, respected professional and visionary.

When he’s not working hard to developing client relations, you can find him spending time with his family or playing golf, tennis and badminton to maintain his fantastic new healthy lifestyle which has seen Ian transformed by significant weight loss.

He says he would like to travel the world in style but still likes to spend quiet holidays in France and while he may like to take it easy in France his pet hate at home is drivers that take it too easy by traveling at 20mph on a 30mph zone. He says he would like to be famous for being himself and with over 35 years in the construction industry he is already well known but super-stardom may take a little longer.

For more information on Ian please go to our About us page.

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