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Meet the Team - Gary Bougourd

  • Meet the Team - Gary Bougourd

June 2017

Babbé McCathie are introducing our ever growing team and we thought it about time we introduced another member; this time we wanted to introduce an old hand and instantly recognisable character.

Here is Gary, receiving one of his Guernsey Customer Service Awards, he is one of our older members of the team; he has been with us for 40 years. Over that time he has been nominated for, and won, the Guernsey Customer Service award twice. Gary says he finds his job satisfying but challenging and we all know Gary is no slouch when it comes to meeting and conquering a challenge.

When he’s not working hard solving complex engineering issues, you can always find him spending time outdoors, whether it’s gardening, walking or scuba diving and Gary can be found every weekend, as regular as clockwork, fishing on his boat. He says he would like to stay fit and healthy and with all that activity we think he’s keeping to the task. He says he would like to be famous for curing some of the worst ailments but we think he is already famous in the construction business for helping to cure our clients' building ailments – famous locally at least.

For more information on Gary please go to our About us page.

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