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Meet the team - Cashel Cahill

  • Meet the team - Cashel Cahill

September 2017

With Babbé McCathie growing ever stronger we thought we would introduce the newest team member.

Cashel Cahill is our recently appointed Graduate Engineer having joined the team in September 2017 and is feeling very positive about his future with the company. He graduated earlier this year from Southampton University with a Master’s Degree in Engineering and says he knows there are some exciting challenges ahead for him. He’s looking forward to problem solving and being involved with unique projects.

Cashel is quite sporty and when he’s not working hard putting his new qualifications into practice, you can find him playing a host of team sports such as rugby and football but his favourite has to be golf.  He says he would like to get a handicap – any handicap will do! Cashel likes to follow developments in the energy sector and says he would like to be famous for providing a successful solution to solve the world’s energy issues. It will be interesting to see how this sector develops in Guernsey.

Welcome Cashel.

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