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Meet the Team - Callum Le Flock

  • Meet the Team - Callum Le Flock

June 2017

With Babbé McCathie growing ever stronger we thought it about time we introduced another team member; this time we wanted to introduce a younger up and coming character.

Here is Callum, our newest member of the team, he has been with us for ten months and has already been nominated for Apprentice of the Year! When he’s not working hard to develop his detailing skills using Revit or studying hard at College, you can find him spending time with his wife, organising buying his new home or practicing his kick boxing.

He says he would like to read and learn more and he seems focused on achieving that goal. He says he would like to be famous for being able to hang the most spoons from a human body – so we know he has a sense of humour as well as dedication. We look forward to seeing him break that particular world record.

For more information on Callum please go to our About us page.

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