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Director Promotion

  • Director Promotion

May 2018

We are pleased to announce Paul Armstrong has recently been promoted as a Director of Babbé McCathie.

We asked Paul how he felt about the promotion:

"I was pleased to be asked to join, and now help direct, the team here. Babbé McCathie has recruited shrewdly over the last few years, and now has a bright new intake of engineers and technicians, brimming with energy, curiosity, ambition, and an infectious enthusiasm. The other directors here have years of hard-won experience, and I am able draw on their knowledge as the team investigates new technology and building methods. This is an ideal arrangement, and the future looks very bright. I’m delighted to be a part of it. 

Babbé McCathie has made some bold investments in technology over the recent years. With encouragement and some direct support from the (larger) T&G business in Jersey, Babbé McCathie now operates some real space-age systems. My training has been more traditional, and it has been fascinating (and challenging) to exploit the power of this software, while retaining the ‘nuts and bolts’ common sense and rigour of the traditional approach. Fortunately, I find myself surrounded by bright young minds, (and some wise – and somewhat older – ones), to help me get the most out of these tools".

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