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November 2014


The staff of Babbé McCathie, together with their Jersey-based sister company T&G Limited, are delighted to support the next generation of motorsport enthusiasts. Representatives of both firms are regular attendees at Motocross events across the Channel Islands as a result of their continuing sponsorship of the sport.

The first picture above, shows  Gary Bougourd, Babbé McCathie's Technical Director, and Gil Darling giving young Motocross rookie Sebastian Moffett some encouragement at the recent Guernsey two day Motocross event at La Trigale, Pleinmont.

Motocross is a fun and exciting, if physically demanding and sometimes muddy sport, but participating youngsters learn discipline, good timing, and simple engineering principles. These attributes are all necessary for the next generation of young Island engineers, which is why we believe it is so important to support local youngsters interested in the sport.


The second picture above, shows the recently formed AAL Motocross team, who are proudly sponsored by Babbé McCathie and T&G. This photo of the young team was taken at a recent two day motocross event in Jersey and, left to right, shows Adam Godwin (aged 12 years), Conor Goutron (aged 12 years), Sebastian Moffett (aged 10 years), Archie Langlois (aged 7 years) and Jay Baker (aged 4 years).

With our continued support these young riders will enjoy competing both here and in Jersey, hopefully encouraging other youngsters across both islands to try the sport.

So if you see the big red tent at any of next season’s Motocross meetings please pop over and say hello. We would love to see you! Plus if your child might be interested in getting into Motocross then any of the AAL Team's parents would be happy to give advice on how to get involved in this exciting and fulfilling sport.

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