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Lifetime Achievement Award

  • Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Lifetime Achievement Award

September 2012

The T&G Group's very own Barr Stevenson was last night awarded the"Lifetime Achievement Award" at the Jersey Construction Awards.

In 1969 two major events took place that would change the world forever. Neil Armstrong landed on the moon and this year’s winner landed in Jersey.

Having started his apprentice in the heavy strip mills of Paisley as a tracing draftsman before progressing to become a fully fledged engineering draftsman picking up many accolades and awards along the way.

He was instrumental in design and detailing works at the former Ravenscraig Steel Plant (which incidentally took twice as long to demolish as programmed – no doubt due to his detailing prowess) he decided to leave Scotland and come to Jersey to become a true Channel Highlander!

Having retired this year at the age of 73 having spent 55 years in the Construction Industry 43 of which spent serving the local industry. The energy and commitment of this Gentleman has never ceased to amaze and inspire those around him.

As we enter a new era where current and future generations will be expected to work beyond our mid sixties it is refreshing to find an individual who not only relished the daily challenges of a competitive industry but also played an active and productive role in the business. Those that have come across him will rarely have forgotten him. His unique ways of communication and his desire to help and assist will be recognised by many of you here this evening.

Whilst finally retired from the Drawing Board (which he still proclaims is faster and more efficient than the youngsters, 45 and younger!  Using that “automatic cad” ) his enthusiasm and generosity continues as he is currently compiling a series of seminars aimed at the younger members of staff who will soon benefit formally from his years of invaluable experience in structural drafting, engineering design and general problem solving.

As a professional he was probably the last of the true draughts men left in the Industry and as an Individual is one of life’s true “givers”.  As such it is right and fitting that he deserves recognition and respect for a lifetimes service to his chosen profession and for the generosity bestowed on both his family and work colleagues. Sadly we may not see his like again.

Barr Stevenson.

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